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Child Rapist/Murderer is Raped & Beaten by 20 Inmates in Prison

The man pictured above is Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, and the young boy with him was his one year old step son. That is at least until he raped and sexually abused the innocent child which eventually led to his death.

At first, doctors were told the little boy had been dropped, which is what Xavier told the mother after she left the boy in his care. But upon closer examination this was not the case, and the little boy’s injuries included that of his anus.

The little boy with his mother

Xavier was arrested after further investigation. While locked up, he was brutally raped and beaten by reportedly 20 different men which can be seen by examining the picture below;

This is common in prison. Although those locked up are generally frowned upon by society, there is a clear code of ethics, a code that can often be much stronger than the outside world. And that code is zero tolerance for child abuse, particularly child sex abuse.

Below you can listen to the testimony of a prisoner who non chalantly describes his killing of another inmate who sexually abused a child;

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