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Chilean artist steals $500 million worth of student debt papers and destroys them

“It’s over. It’s finished. You don’t have to pay another peso [of your student loan debt]. We have to lose our fear, our fear of being thought of as criminals because we’re poor. I am just like you, living a sh—y life, and I live it day by day. This is my act of love for you.”

These were the words of Chilean artist known as Papas Frites (French Fries) who stole and, in turn destroyed $500 million worth of student debt contracts as reported by the Washington Post.

You can watch an interview with Democracy Now below, in which he shares some passionate words that call for people to wake up and stand up to the corrupt system.

Fritas stole the contractual agreement papers and then set them on fire. Afterwards, the police were led to a bin of ash which was all that remained of the student’s debt.

El arte que avanza junto a las luchas del pueblo, es una arma cargada de futuro. #PapasFritas

— Fabián Navarrete (@fnavarrte) May 14, 2014

Chile’s student debt began to spiral completely out of control in 1973 when General Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship took power of Chile by way of a CIA backed coup to oust the democratically elected leader Salvador Allende. This was all part of a much larger operation known as Operation Condor, in which major crimes against humanity were committed against much of Latin America. Many believe the U.S. government should be forced to pay reparations for the torture, raping and murder that took place under their oversight.

According to the Boston Review; “Everyone in Chile can recite the following facts: adjusted for income, Chile has the most expensive higher education in the world. Per student, the country spends less than any other, and the student spends more. These facts were once a point of pride.”

As we can see, this is a problem all around the world. Politicians everywhere are fattening their pockets, elites from each society are living excessively, war is constant and the average people can’t even get a decent education without being enslaved to debt forever. And debt, as any person with common sense knows, is financial slavery. Once thrust onto someone, they are chained to it and end up sacrificing years and years of their life trying to pay it off, rather than doing something meaningful with their lives.

What we need is to destroy all debt, and start over again. The money has imaginary value, and so does the debt. It’s not real, just enforced by the thugs we call the government.

The scene from Fight Club where all debt is

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