CNN staged a dramaticized satellite interview with 2 reporters in same parking lot

The mainstream media has lost all credibility since social media has come to rise and allowed people around the world to communicate and show each other how much it is manipulated. When you see this video, you will completely understand why;

As you see these two imbeciles are clearly in the same parking lot. But this isn't the first time CNN has been caught engaging in stupidity and faking an interview;

As you can see in this footage they are clearly in a studio with a blue screen behind them faking footage of Saudi Arabia.

Reporter Amber Lyons who use to work for CNN has also gone on record exposing how the organization regularly engages in propaganda and is on the payroll of various governments and dictatorships;

CNN is one of the most popular go to news sources in the West. But as you can see they can't be trusted. Popular CNN personality Anderson Cooper has also admitted that he is a former intern with the CIA.

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