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Evil Rules Our World: Child Sex Abuse & Satanism in the Government

Popular Hollywood child actors such as Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have been very vocal about the epidemic of pedophilia in Hollywood, and how the biggest names in show business are involved, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In his own words, as you can hear, Corey explains the “the number one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia“.

This is not merely a problem within Hollywood though. Not long ago Jimmy Savile, a friend of the Royal family, was discovered to of sexually abused and raped dozens and dozens of little boys and girls in the BBC’s headquarters, which BBC staff knew about and did nothing to stop.

Below you can see Jimmy Saville’s close friendship with Prince Charles on full display;

And also side by side the Prince’s mother, queen Elizabeth;

Not long after this scandal was exposed, another one, possibly related came to light;

The Westminster pedophile dossier was a file of documents on pedophiles, either part of, or associated with the British government and was assembled by the British Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Dickens, who handed it to the then Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, in 1984.

This collection of documents mysteriously got “lost” according to the British government, along with other important and revealing information. Unsurprisingly, all guilty parties avoided being discovered. This is what happens when the biggest criminals control the government.

A child sex abuse survivor of these heinous and unforgivable crimes, Esther Baker, who was just five or six years old at the time, explained that because these people are so powerful, the police protect them.

This, however, is not exclusive the British government, or the British elite. Heavyweights from the U.S. government have also been implicated in either child sexual abuse, or homosexual pass times.

Below you can see George W. Bush kissing gay “Call boy” Jeff Gannon on his head; 

In addition to this, there have been reports of gay prostitution at the highly secretive Bohemian Grove where past presidents and high ranking officials in the military, banking and corporate world all meet.  

And then there is the Vatican which everyone by now should know about, which has spent close to 4 billion dollars since the 1950’s, in law suits due to their child sexual abuse epidemic that is just as strong today, as it was over 50 years ago.

More disturbing than all of these perhaps though, is the Franklin Pedophile ring that took place between 1988 and 1991, in which children were not only sexually abused by elites in government and else where, but they were even killed in a sacrificial manner that has been described as Satanic.

A major documentary was set to air, called Conspiracy of Silence (which can be now found on YouTube) with numerous child victims testimonies and evidence to implicate the guilty, but at the last minute it was banned from the airwaves. And, when evidence was presented in a legal case, it was thrown out by a grand jury in Douglas county. This is because the biggest criminals control the law.

A book has since been written that explores what took place, and demonstrates that the elites are into much more than just child pedophilia, but even satanic worship. Whether you believe satan to be real or not, does not change the fact that some of the most powerful people in the world do believe in him and even worship him.

This book was written by Senator John DeCamp;

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Former head of the FBI turned whistleblower, Ted Gunderson, claims the same. That the elites worship satan and are deeply involved in child sex abuse and human sacrifice.

You can listen to his testimony below;

The elites are so sick minded that most people will never believe this if you try to talk to them about it. The best you can do is share this story with them and hopefully they will check out the links and research for themselves. The only way we can stop them and protect children’s innocence is by first exposing how inhumane and evil these individuals are.

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