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Psychopath Charles Manson’s Views on God, Materialism, Government and Life will Blow Your Mind

Charles Manson is a name that is practically code for psychopath. He is considered the leader of the infamous Manson Family, which was a community he had created of mostly female hippies.

Manson and his followers were responsible for committing a series of brutal murders at four locations over a period of five weeks in the summer of 1969, but Manson himself never actually killed anyone, but has been held responsible for masterminding them due to his high level of intelligence and his ability to manipulate others.

But aside from this, what do we know about him… really?

Well, when you hear his views on the world in the video below, I guarantee you it’s gonna make you wanna research him. But beware, the mind of Manson goes deep and just because he shares some incredible views that you most likely will agree with, doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous.

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