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This 3 Question Tibetan Test Reveals A Lot About Your True Nature!

Ready for a challenge that will explore the hidden depths of your subconscious mind? 

Before you get started though, and in order to ensure that you properly complete the test so you get an accurate reading, you need to think from an abstract point of view. And answer questions on impulse rather than well thought out logic.

Now all you need is a notepad and a pen to get started.
Ready? Let’s get started!   #1 – Imagine there are five animals in front of you.
Alright, you’ve got a cow, a sheep, a tiger, a horse and a pig.
Put the animals in whatever order you like. Remember, do not overthink things; just write the names of the animals in an order that comes to after just looking at them for a few seconds.
Question #2 – Describe every noun in this list.  

  • A dog is _______.
  • A cat is _______.
  • A rat is _______.
  • Coffee is _______.
  • The sea is _______.
  • Use only one adjective per noun.    

    Question #3 – Think about 5 people that are significant in your life.
    For each of the five people you chose, pick a color from the list below:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Green
    You can only choose one color per person and no more. Remember, don’t choose based on deep thought, just choose intuitively and fluidly. Just take a few seconds to think of the colors and the people and then decide.

    So, what does it all mean?
    Let’s break each question down and then take a look at what your answers actually mean.
    Question #1 – Your Priorities  

  • Cow: Your career
  • Tiger: Your self-worth
  • Sheep: Love
  • Horse: Family
  • Pig: Money
  • The way you ordered these things is symbolic of what you view and prioritize in life.
    Question #2 – Your Attitude Towards Life

  • Dog: Your personality
  • Cat: Your partner’s personality
  • Rat: Your enemies’ personality
  • Coffee: Views about Sex
  • Sea: Your life overall
  • The adjective you chose to describe each noun directly relates to your subconscious view of what that noun comes to represent.
    Question #3 – Your Attitude Towards People

  • Yellow: Someone who had a major impact on your life.
  • Orange: Someone you consider to be a true friend.
  • Red: Someone you love wholeheartedly.
  • White: Your kindred spirit.
  • Green: Someone you will never forget.
  • Color plays an important role in shaping your subconscious view of yourself.
    How accurate would you say your results are? Don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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