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This Indian Tribe Is Fighting For Our Country’s Clean Water And No One Is Reporting It


The Lakhóta and Sioux people are part of a conglomerate of seven Native American Sioux tribes which are indigenous of the Great Plains of North America. To them, the land if sacred, the Earth is our Mother and serving Her is a duty.

And right now, the mainstream media is disturbingly silent about how they fighting a pipeline from being built beneath the Missouri, Mississippi, and Big Sioux rivers that would most certainly pollute the environment, most concerning of all, the water.

The federal government recently decided it would be okay to build the billiondollar Dakota Access Pipeline, which will transport crude oil for 1200 miles from North Dakota to Illinois. Only problem is, one significant spill of this stuff will destroy one of the primary clean water sources in the country, farming land and environment. It’s not just idiotic, it is highly unethical. As a result, the Lakhóta and Sioux people are taking a stand.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault II (in orange shirt) was one of more than a dozen people arrested while protesting. (Photo credit: Courtesy Standing Rock Sioux Tribe)

The standoff has, as many who have engaged in peaceful protests against power before will tell you, led to arrest and intimidation. These people simply want to protect our natural water supply from being potentially contaminated and what happens, they get ignored by the media and arrested by the government.

Please help spread this story, they are out there fighting for us all. The least we could do is help them gain support online.

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