Anonymous’ Hack of World Anti-Doping Agency Reveals Williams Sisters, Simone Biles, Took Banned Substances


It's now been officially confirmed, a group of hackers known as the Anonymous Fancy Bears have infiltrated the World Anti-Doping Agency and Court of Arbitration for Sports – again. The information leaked is going viral for the major implications and questions it raises.

The information suggests that the Williams Sisters and gold medalist Simone Biles, have all tested positive for explicitly banned substances. Nonetheless, they were all allowed to compete anyways;

The Fancy Bears have since released a statement behind their motivation;

Greetings citizens of the world. Allow us to introduce ourselves… We are Fancy Bears’ international hack team. We stand for fair play and clean sport. We announce the start of #OpOlympics. We are going to tell you how Olympic medals are won. We hacked World Anti-Doping Agency databases and we were shocked by what we saw. We will start with the U.S. team which has disgraced its name by tainted victories. We will also disclose exclusive information about other national Olympic teams later. Wait for sensational proof of famous athletes taking doping substances anytime soon, according to a brief message from Fancy Bears.
The hacktivist team then proceed to accuse the World Anti-Doping Agency and the Olympics as a structure of playing political favorites in relation to athletes and certain countries;

Just before the 2016 Summer Olympics, the U.S. team was reported to be one of the medal favorites while being on top of the Rio medal forecast. Besides, the USA is commonly known to be always ahead of the game. As predicted, the USA dominated the 2016 Olympics medal count with 46 gold, 37 silver, 38 bronze for 121 total. The U.S. team played well but not fair. After detailed studying of the hacked WADA databases, we figured out that dozens of American athletes had tested positive. The Rio Olympic medalists regularly used illicit strong drugs justified by certificates of approval for therapeutic use. In other words, they just got their licenses for doping. This is other evidence that WADA and IOC’s Medical and Scientific Department are corrupt and deceitful.

Western media outlets are reporting that Russian hackers are behind the hacks, and no one in the mainstream media is even making mention on the Fancy Bears or Anonymous. It does make sense that Russia could potentially be behind the attacks due  to the strangely high numbers of Russian athletes that were banned from competing in the Olympics, earlier this year, which insiders believe  to be the result of internal politics and influence. The World Anti-Doping Agency went so far as to even call “for a blanket ban of all Russian athletes from the Olympic games in Rio.

In addition to this, the entire Russian Paralympics team was banned from competing in the 2016 Special Olympics, which shocked many onlookers. How can you ban these athletes from competing altogether. It seems highly prejudice and unfair. Instead, Russia opted to host their own version of the games for all of the athletes who had worked so hard over the years to compete and explore their potential. When it was all said and done though, 271 Russian athletes were reportedly eventually allowed to compete in the games, but it is understandable why their is so much tension here.

Considering America has a rich history of meddling in foreign affairs, from rigging elections in Italy, to overthrowing democratically elected governments in various parts of the globe, them meddling in the olympics is not a far stretch at all. The game is very political and the American elite and government have an obsession with putting up the image that their country is the most powerful and dominant in the world.

To prove that the World Anti-Doping Agency operated with clear intent and prejudice towards the country of Russia, while at the same time protecting America's top athletes through clever loop holes, the Fancy Bears publicly released the Williams Sisters and Simone Biles medical records/tests for everyone to examine for themselves.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has since condemned the breach and voiced their opposition to the group responsible. In an official statement released earlier, WADA goes on to say:

“The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) confirms that a Russian cyber espionage group operator by the name of Tsar Team (APT28), also known as Fancy Bear, illegally gained access to WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) database via an International Olympic Committee (IOC)-created account for the Rio 2016 Games. The group accessed athlete data, including confidential medical data — such as Therapeutic Use Exemptions delivered by International Sports Federations (IFs) and National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) — related to the Rio Games; and, subsequently released some of the data in the public domain, accompanied by the threat that they will release more….
….WADA deeply regrets this situation and is very conscious of the threat that it represents to athletes whose confidential information has been divulged through this criminal act,” said Olivier Niggli, Director General, WADA. “We are reaching out to stakeholders, such as the IOC, IFs and NADOs, regarding the specific athletes impacted.”

How long as this been going on? Has America been caught red handed once again indulging in behavior behind the scenes that they publicly condemn? It sure wouldn't be the first time. 

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