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Brutal Body Cam Video Shows Police Kill Unarmed Man With Headphones On

On August 11, 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah, an innocent bystander listening to his headphones named Dillon Taylor was shot twice in broad daylight by Police Officer Bron Cruz. Police officials were called because there were reports of a suspicious person potentially carrying a firearm. Unedited Footage of the event has since been released.


Dillon Taylor, along with his brother and cousin, were actually in process of walking out of the 7-Eleven which unfortunately for him, happened to be the area that local police were patrolling for a suspect who was supposedly carrying a gun. These young men, unfortunately, matched the description of the suspects and it  would cost them gravely.

When the police officers showed up, the three young men were ordered to stop and show their hands to the officials, two of them followed these orders, but Taylor, who was walking in the opposite direction with head phones on playing music, was followed from behind and ordered to show his hands by officer Bron Cruz immediately. When Taylor failed to comply, he was shot twice in the chest.

The tragic video, was only released in an edited version which cut out after the shots were fired was finally released after a significant period of time after the events.

But now a new video has been released (below) which shows the full horror of the murder which has sparked outrage across Social Media and debate.

Just two days after the famous killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Taylor met a similar fate. On October 1, however, the district attorney in Salt Lake City, Sim Gill, much to the outrage of the public, ruled that the killing of the young 20-year old Taylor was ok because “Taylor’s shooting was justified not because he posed an actual threat, but because (Officer) Cruz reasonably perceived a threat.”

This has led to a major campaign online to get #Justicefordillon. People are growing tired of police officers shooting to kill when they are in situations of doubt, rather than shooting to injure.

Taylor’s brother who witnessed the killing, and has was certainly traumatized, told the SLC Tribune: “I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen. He got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him.”

The DailyKos provided a full summary of the heart breaking 7 minute video.

At 0:17, Officer Bron Cruz gets out of his vehicle. You will notice people confused by his presence.
At 0:22, Officer Cruz walks past two men who were friends with Dillon Taylor.
At 0:24, Officer Cruz walks behind Taylor, who has on a white T-shirt and is listening to music.
At 0:33, we see the officer has his gun drawn and is yelling at Taylor, who’s holding his sagging pants up and does not appear to hear Cruz.
At 0:36, the officer shoots Taylor. It would be fatal.
Starting at 0:41, you will notice the headphone cord coming out of Taylor’s pocket.
At 0:48, you will see that the headphones were clearly going up to Taylor’s ears.
At 0:52, the officer asks Dillon to “give me your hands,” but Taylor is already near death. His friends begin screaming and crying in the background.
At 1:03, the officer handcuffs Taylor.
At 1:48, the officer turns Taylor over, the headphones are visible, and the officer states “it’s clear”—meaning that Taylor was actually unarmed.
At 2:54, the officer turns Taylor completely over, keeping him handcuffed, and begins talking to him and trying to get him to talk. Taylor appears nearly dead and is completely covered in blood.
At 4:56, the officer is rummaging through Taylor’s pockets instead of providing any first aid.

WARNING: Video is graphic and disturbing

And just like that, a young man’s life is gone.

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