Facebook's New Feature Will Dictate What News Stories It Wants You To Read


Facebook will be rolling out a new feature that allows users to flag “purposefully fake or deceitful news”. They claim this is to ensure that legitimate news is circulated, rather than fake news.
The obvious problem here is how easy it would be for people to abuse this feature. The truth presented by alternative media usually evokes an irrational response due to cognitive dissonance because, sad to say, most people are brainwashed. So just because people don't like what they see, regardless of whether its accurate or not, they are definitely gonna flag it. Most people are irrational, so this system can never work. Even a 10 year old could figure this out.

A Facebook spokesperson expresses the following view:

"A post with a link to an article that many people have reported as a hoax or chose to delete will get reduced distribution in the News Feed." 

But what is gonna stop this system from being manipulated? Numerous organizations also have paid trolls who could manipulate this feature as well. Hillary Clinton, the American government, the Israeli government, the Russian government and corporations like Monsanto and Coca Cola, have all paid trolls to spread propaganda online and troll anyone that exposes them. Hillary Clinton just dropped 1 million dollars on her covert social media campaign. Do you think these paid trolls are really gonna use this system in an ethical way?

In addition to this, Facebook recently made headlines because they were exposed for manipulating news feeds and censoring news stories. As a result of this unwanted media attention, the biggest social media site in the world fired their entire news feed team. So is this a new way to attempt to manipulate the news feed??

If you think this poses no threat, consider that recently Facebook got caught censoring a big story and has made news headlines when Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg denounced them publicly.

The above story has made news lines around the world for being censored by Facebook

Hopefully more and more news stories like this one will be exposed and this subtle form of censorship will die. Unfortunately the elite will never stop trying to manipulate our minds and hiding the truth from us. We need social media, or we are doomed. 
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