Jimmy Saville Raped Children As Young As 9 While Working At BBC

It has now been revealed that BBC employee Jimmy Saville raped children as young as nine years old while working at the BBC.  It has also been reported that Saville was caught on Camera and BBC officials looked the other way.

The Independent reports;

Jimmy Savile raped and sexually abused victims as young as nine and was caught on camera carrying out his lechery at least once while working for the BBC, according to a leaked draft of a report examining the paedophile’s misconduct at the corporation.

Investigative news site Exaro has published findings of Dame Janet Smith’s review into the depraved entertainer and BBC television presenter, who was exposed as a prolific sexual predator and paedophile a year after his death in 2011.

The review, which has said it will publish its report in six weeks’ time, said the leaked findings were from an early draft of the report and that “significant changes” had since been made to its contents and conclusions”.

According to Exaro, the review’s findings highlight multiple rapes and indecent assaults on girls and boys at the hands of Savile and “inappropriate sexual conduct” with teenagers above 16 - all “in some way associated with the BBC”.

“Three of Savile’s victims were only nine-years-old,” it says.

Exaro reports that Smith criticises the BBC for a “very deferential culture”, with many BBC employees telling the review that they had heard about Savile’s predatory reputation but feared reporting their concerns to managers.

It also warns that “a predatory child abuser could be lurking undiscovered in the BBC even today”.

They continue with more detail;

In the report, Smith says that most of Savile’s rapes, attempted rapes and more serious sexual offences took place in his flats and caravans.

But the former Court of Appeal judge adds: “However, I heard of incidents that took place in virtually every one of the BBC premises at which he worked.

These included the BBC Television Theatre (in connection with Jim’ll Fix It), at Television Centre (in particular in connection with Top of the Pops), at Broadcasting House or Egton House (where he worked in connection with BBC Radio 1), Lime Grove studios and various provincial studios, including Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

“He would indulge in sexual touching while working on the set (Top of the Pops or Jim’ll Fix It) and, on at least one occasion, he was actually on camera.

Savile would seize the opportunity for sexual contact even in public places such as corridors, staircases and canteens.”

Exaro said the leaked report reveals that those working at the BBC now fear blowing the whistle more than ever, and criticises the BBC’s management culture, in which celebrities were treated with “kid gloves” and managers drank heavily.

It says: “Several witnesses described the BBC as very deferential.

“My general impression is that most staff (other than those who had been in the higher echelons) felt that the management culture was too deferential and that some executives were ‘above the law’.
“I have the clear impression that most people in the BBC held the talent in some awe and treated them deferentially; they appeared to have the ability to influence their careers and were themselves untouchable. It would be a brave person indeed who would make a complaint against such a person.”
Most people don't realize it, but Jimmy Saville is well connected to the elite of the UK, particularly the royal family.

 Below with Prince Charles;

 And with the Queen.

Here you can see him with former prime minister Margaret Thatcher

And Tony Blair

But this is not the only child sex abuse scandal among the elite in the UK. As documented in one of our previous articles;

The Westminster pedophile dossier was a file of documents on pedophiles, either part of, or associated with the British government and was assembled by the British Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Dickens, who handed it to the then Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, in 1984.

This collection of documents mysteriously got "lost" according to the British government, along with other important and revealing information. Unsurprisingly, all guilty parties avoided being discovered. This is what happens when the biggest criminals control the government.

A child sex abuse survivor of these heinous and unforgivable crimes, Esther Baker, who was just five or six years old at the time, explained that because these people are so powerful, the police protect them

So what's going on with UK's elite? Is this common practice? What else don't we know about??

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