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Joe Biden’s Creepy Kiss of Senator’s Young Daughter Going Viral


There are few things as creepy as having a rich old powerful man whisper in your daughters ear and then give her a kiss on the cheek which she pulls away from. In this video though, you can clearly see the mother of the little girl appears unsettled by Biden’s inappropriate advancement.


More creeped out than the mother though, is the little girl;

As you can see, this little girl is certainly freaked out as she leans away from Biden.

Although it is impossible to tell what was said here, the little girl is certainly uncomfortable and this is not the first time Biden has acted inappropriately with children around.

As you can see, this little Asian girl pictured above looks just as uncomfortable.

Many might say this is no big deal, but the elites have a very disturbing history with child sex abuse that should never be overlooked. 

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