Putin To Ban Pokemon GO From Russia Due To Links To CIA


Vladimir Putin is reportedly putting fourth plans to ban Pokemon GO from Russia following an internal Kremlin investigation that reveals the viral smartphone app has direct links to the CIA. 

The Guardian reports;

On Monday Iran became the first country to ban the augmented reality game, citing security concerns over its location-based technology, and in Russia officials have been whipping up hysteria over possible hidden dangers in the western-made game.

State TV channel Zvezda, run by the Ministry of Defence, recently published an article claiming that the CIA was interested in them because “they placed a Pokémon gym in our building”.

Psychologist Lyudmila Polyanova suggested on a talk show that Pokémon Go was a western attempt to control the Russian population and make people infertile.

One Cossack leader warned that the game “reeked of satanism”.

And pro-Kremlin blogger Ilya Varlamov compared Muscovites catching Pokémon to police catching opposition leaders in banned political protests — his implication being that both players and protesters were indulging in a similarly pointless activity.

Numerous politicians have called for the game to be banned and conspiracy theories about sensitive data being collected through the cameras of players’ phones have also been mooted.

According to YNW, Russia is concerned because;

With the launch of the viral game, the CIA effectively recruited millions of unaware, distracted people to work as intelligence and surveillance operatives, gathering previously time consuming, expensive data for the intelligence agency.

An agency that wants footage of the inside of a home or building can now place desirable Pokemon there, and naive citizens will collect the footage for them.

The average person would think this is ridiculous. Especially those who enjoy the game. But the game of politics is a game of chess, and this is the perfect tool to map out the smallest details of another country's blueprint and layout. It is for this reason, that Putin is reportedly choosing to responsibly ban the app.

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