Scientist accidentally creates a battery than can last a lifetime. Gamechanger

Finding a battery that could charge and discharge over 200,000 times never her expectation, but lead study author Mya Le Thai of the University of California, Irvine, did it! This was the result of her "playing around" with these materials.

According to an official statement from senior author Reginald Penner, chair of UCI's chemistry department;

“Mya was playing around, and she coated this whole thing with a very thin gel layer and started to cycle it. She discovered that just by using this gel, she could cycle it hundreds of thousands of times without losing any capacity.”

What Penner is talking about is a battery with coated gold nanowires in manganese dioxide.  After Mya added the Plexiglas gel like substance it stabilized and protected the nanowires. 

“That was crazy,” explains Penner, “because these things typically die in dramatic fashion after 5,000 or 6,000 or 7,000 cycles at most.”

You can see the gel surrounding the nanowires below;

In conclusion, Mya Le Thai explains;

“The coated electrode holds its shape much better, making it a more reliable option.This research proves that a nanowire-based battery electrode can have a long lifetime and that we can make these kinds of batteries a reality.”

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photo credit: A nanowire compared to a human hair. Thai et al./UC Irvine via YouTube