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She Fooled Us: Organic-Lover Oprah Winfrey Now Supports Monsanto


Billionaire Oprah Winfrey claims to be a supporter of organic foods, but has recently been caught doing business with GMO giant Monsanto.

This is about as disappointing when it was discovered that “good guy” Bill Gates has 500,000 shares in the notorious company. Of course now we know that Bill Gates is engaged in major projects for population control. In the case of India, his vaccines had some fatal side effects which were suspiciously left out of the headlines in Western media.

So it looks like Oprah is just another billionaire to join the Monsanto club.  But this is strange, as she is reportedly the owner of an organic farm in Maui.

The accusations come from The Institute for Responsible Technology where they posted on their Facebook page that Winfrey has been running ads in her magazine for Monsanto. 

The ad displays a happy, multi-ethnic blend of families gathering together for a meal.  It is from Monsanto’s new multi-million dollar campaign to encourage discussion of the benefits of genetically modified foods which they have long advertised under the yet to deliver claim of feeding the world.

The decision to run the ad has outraged many in the organic and GMO-free movement, and been viewed as Oprah selling out to the system. The Institute for Responsible Technology is currently making a push to educate Oprah further and her following about these dangers.


Through hard work and persistence from the people, the Institute for Responsible Technology managed to get the ad scrapped. Well down!

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