Steven Seagal Risks Hollywood Career To EXPOSE Obama And Hillary


Hollywood and the entertainment industry is overwhelmingly dominated by "liberals," and whether you like it or not, they have very powerful influence in shaping public opinion, especially among the youth.

Propaganda campaign for Barack Obama led by producer Diddy
Katy Perry campaigning for Hillary Clinton

Because of this bias, it is very rare to find any actor that is brave enough to actually risk their career in speaking out against the policies of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, who are frequently promoted by Hollywood and the industry. That’s why it came as a major shock when Hollywood legend Steven Seagal said what a lot of people were secretly thinking, and publicly slammed both of them through some controversial postings on his Twitter account.

It’s been a rough few weeks and months for the United States. More and more people are becoming disillusioned with the political process of the country and waking up to the sobering reality that their government is as corrupt as it gets. The tensions between the police and the people continue to escalate at a distressing pace. Reports of the pentagon "losing" trillions and trillions of dollars, along with Hillary's email scandals, the signing of greed driven trade deals and the ongoing push towards world war 3, is enough to drive anyone off the edge. So much is happening all at once, it feels like America has gone completely mad.

So, just like many other Americans, Steven Seagal has simply had enough.

“I think the most important job as Secretary of State is ensuring our people don’t get killed,” Seagal tweeted, according to American News. “If you can’t do that…@PeterKostov.”

“Pneumonia or not, she is going to be disastrous for the American people. #NoToHillary,” he continued.

Liberal supporters immediately launched a wave of attacks on Seagal as one user argued that Hillary would be the most capable person to be president in the world, but the Hollywood actor shut them down...

“Capable? Capable of leaving AMERICANS to die. Capable of disregarding law. Capable of disrespecting rape survivors.”

Seagal then shifted his focus onto current events, slamming Obama for how much he has divided us.

“Obama has been abysmal for race relations in USA. #TRUTH We need to start having honest dialog,”

And to end his Twitter rant;

“Best thing in the world…Making one statement about freedom and getting attacked by every Demo out there… #HYPOCRITICAL."

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