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The New Cannabis Capsule Is So Powerful It Can Replace Any Pain Killer

People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of natural remedies and alternative medicine.

Unfortunately this does not change the attitude of Big Pharma who is more concerned with making profit than making a difference.  

The incredible healing abilities of marijuana are becoming mainstream as more and more scientific studies confirm their profound benefits.    

The Foria Relief Company has even seized on the opportunity to invent a vaginal suppository made from pesticide and additive free cannabis. This is based on aromatic cocoa butter, which serves as an ideal substitution for harmful addictive pharmaceutical drugs like Vicodin, Midol, and Ibuprofen, among others. It alleviates menstrual cramps by relaxing the muscles with no harsh side effects.

The active ingredients that are used in this process without microbials are combined with the exact following doses;

60 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)


10 mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

The way this works is pain is blocked by the THC, and CBD relaxes the muscles, treats the spasms, and has an effective way of dealing with inflammation within the body.  According to one woman who tried the vaginal suppository with a history of mad menstruation, it relaxed her clenched and cramped muscles and instead soothed and relaxed her.

In fact, she explained it in with blissful terminology “as if floating in some other galaxy”.

Unfortunately this remarkable remedy is only sold in California and is being resisted by the government. If you are fortunate enough to give it a try, don’t forget to always consult with your doctor. Just make sure they aren’t a big pharma stooge, but someone who is genuinely concerned with your personal health and wellbeing. 

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