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These 7 Images Of Global Borders Reveal The Unique Brutality Of The US-Mexico Wall

The border between the United States and Mexico, when compared to other countries around the world, is absolute madness.

“Securing the border” has become a hot topic of debate in the GOP presidential nomination process. But when we explore the topic of actually “securing the border,” we discover that it’s clearly ridiculous…

Let’s start in Africa:

1. Kenya/Tanzania

This is a photo that was taken of a couple on an African safari. Here we see the border crossing from Kenya to Tanzania.

Rather than high powered guns, troops, drones, and barbed wire fences, the only thing separating these two countries is this rock.

2. India/Nepal

In this photo, three backpacking tourists are taking a selfie at the India/Nepal border.

As you can see, there is no security forces or intimidating police found anywhere on the background.

Clearly they are going to steal jobs and rape everyone though… At least that would be the headline in the United States.

3. Poland/Belarus

On the left of this photo is the Poland border, and on the right is Belarus. The guy in the picture, is standing in between the two countries, and  once again, there is no fence, no security — nothing. And Poland and Belarus are not countries that are friendly always, and they do have their problems, they don’t go to the extreme and build a wall that costs massive amounts of money and just inspires more curiosity about crossing over.

4. Norway/Sweden

In Northern Europe, the border between Norway and Sweden is practically non existent. These two social democracies are basically bordered by a line on the road. As you can see the two evil illegals are jumping between the two countries clearly inciting terrorism.

5. France/Italy

Western Europe has some of the most free roaming borders in the world. Some of them are pretty much imaginary (as all of them actually are when you think about it). In this photo, for example, a pile of rocks is literally the only separation between France and Italy and may have been staged for the photo.

6. Argentina/Brazil


Although located close to one another, Argentina and Brazil (who actually speak different languages) are two very different countries and both have their fair share of crime.

Nonetheless, the border between the two countries is just a “friendship bridge” that allows people like this lady to have one foot in each country without being hassled by the military or the police.

7. USA/Canada

In a great stroke of irony, the border between the US and Canada is just a line of paint on the road. In spite of this, America spends more on Mexico’s border “security” than on any other law enforcement agency.

The truth about this dramatized border issue, is it helps to keep people fearful for political purposes. If the politicians were really that concerned with reducing the number of immigrant coming to America, they would change the unfair free trade policies that have destroyed the economy of both countries.

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