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Top 20 Cell Phones With The Highest And Lowest Radiation

These days few people have land line phones compared to mobile devices which are more convenient for a number of reasons.

But according to research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, certain “smart” phones and other mobile devices may be exposing us to dangerous amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

Their study was published in the Biochemical Journal and found that the use of certain cell phones for just 15 minutes can actually trigger brain cell changes associated with the development of cancer. 

CNET put an informative video together on the five phones with the highest levels of radiation.

The government (FCC) regulates the allowed specific absorption rate (SAR), or the rate of which radiation from the phone is absorbed into the body. The maximum level they allow is 1.6 watts/kg of flesh, but some researchers believe this is still not safe.

Below you can see two lists. The first, on the left, listed the top 20 cell phones with the highest radiation and the second, on the right, is the top 20 with the lowest.

Based on popularity we have also provided stats on the iPhones and Samsung Galaxies

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