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Vermont elementary school bans homework, encourages kids to go outside and play

Orchard Elementary School in South Burlington, Vermont, has just made the revolutionary decision to stop giving their school kids homework.

“It’s true,” explained principal Mark Trifilio. “We just went to being a homework-free school this year.”

This might seem strange to those of us who came from a system that forces children to do homework, but consider Finland, a country that use to have as bad an education system as the United States but today has the best… What changed it all around for them was one simple change…. That’s right, you guessed it, they stopped giving kids homework!

Principal Trifilio reiterated the counter productive nature of giving kid’s homework;

“What is the purpose of homework? There is little or no research that supports any kind of academic achievement with it.”

Orchard Elementary School in South Burlington

The decision was made recently in a newsletter addressed to the parents. From preschool to fifth grade, children can focus on simply being children and having a family life, the way it should be. There is no point in rushing them to grow up and piling stress and responsibility on them. It’s unfair. 

The teachers voted for the rule, but only ask two things, that parents do practice reading with them and that they spend some quality time outdoors playing!

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