World Leaders Don’t Want Peace Because They Live Off War – Says Pope


Pope Francis addressed about 7,000 kids, parents, teachers and other professionals at the Vatican for an initiative called The Peace Factory, which is a gathering to promote peace, tolerance and equality among the very diverse backgrounds from which children come from in the elementary school system.

When an Egyptian child from Rome earnestly asked the Pope, “Why don’t powerful people help schools?” the Pope replied, “We can ask a bigger question. 'Why don’t so many powerful people want peace?'

The Pope then proceeded to explain the following;

Because they live off war, the arms industry is a serious matter! The powerful earn a living by producing and selling arms to countries: it is the industry of death, they make money from it. You know greed is really bad for us, our desire to have more, more money: and when we see that everything revolves around money, that the economic system revolves around money and not around people, around men and women, a great deal is sacrificed and people go to war to defend money. This is why so many people do not want peace: you profit more from war and money but you lose lives, culture, education, you lose so many things. An elderly priest I met some years ago, used to say: the devil enters through people’s wallets, through greed and this is why they do not want peace.”

A wheelchair-bound boy then asked the Pope to what exactly is peace, to which the Pope replied;

“Peace means above all, no more wars but it also means joy, friendship among all, taking steps toward justice every day, taking steps to ensure there are no starving and sick who do not have the means to obtain health assistance. Doing all this is peace. Peace takes effort, it isn’t about being relaxed. We need to work in order to ensure that everyone has a solution to the problems and needs of their land, their country, their family and their society: this is how you make home-made peace. Peace is not an industrial product, peace is a home-made product, it is created day by day with our work, our life, our love, our closeness, our care. Peace is built every day. Where there is no justice, there is no peace,.”

 Many people around the world do not yet know what to make of this Pope. He says some powerful truthful things, much like Obama did when he came into office, but people cite that he is still the head of a very corrupt organization... the Roman Catholic Church. They also point out that he has a very questionable record when he was stationed in Latin America at the time of Argentina's infamous dirty war.

Whatever we are to believe, it is very true that world leaders live off of war. But more than just live off of it, they thrive off of it and make major profits.

Until we refuse to play their game, we will forever be chess pawns in their game of domination.

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