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Julian Assange Presumed Dead As Wikileaks Open Massive Archive

The internet is going crazy over concern regarding the safety of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who some believe is dead, based on the termination of his internet connection by the Ecuadorian embassy, and the massive dump of secret files released to the public. The directory may have activated what people are calling a ‘Dead man’s switch,’ which means he has been indefinitely detained or killed. 

YNW reports:

The silently released files contain top-secret information from all corners of the globe including hundreds of files relating to the US military, the Kremlin, Israel, Royal families, Scientology, secret societies, multinational corporations, and even a zip file named Steve Jobs HIV.
In a display of grim humor, every file and folder have been timestamped 01.01.1984.

In the past WikiLeaks has made known the existence of a Julian Assange dead man’s switch. Essentially a means of discouraging his assassination, an enormous trove of secrets will be automatically published if Assange is detained or dead.

Unlike usual WikiLeaks releases, the official twitter account has not mentioned the opening of the folder to the public, heightening suspicions it was an automatic release.

Fears about Julian Assange’s safety have been growing since Sunday when the US government leaned on Ecuador to cut the WikiLeak founder’s internet access. The following day an unusual series of cryptic tweets was released by WikiLeaks, prompting fears the dead man’s switch had been activated.

 The release of the enormous folder of files, exposing secrets from the powers that be from all corners of the globe, is unprecedented. WikiLeaks usually release files in highly curated and publicized batches accompanied by a media campaign.