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Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You To Know


What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name ‘Colonel Gaddafi’?

Dictator? Terrorist? Mass murderer? Most Libyans themselves would probably disagree with you, but we want you to decide. Not based on media propaganda, but on facts.

For 41 years until his untimely murder in October 2011, Muammar Gaddafi did some of the most amazing things for his country and tried to time and time again to unite Africa and free Her from Western domination.

So please open that mind of yours and discover the truth. What Gaddafi did, was take one of the poorest countries in the world and turned it into the most abundant and thriving nation in all of Africa.

Here are ten things Gaddafi did for Libya that they don’t want you to know about…

1. In Libya a home is considered a natural human right



In Gaddafi’s Green Book it proclaims:

”The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others”. 

Gaddafi’s Green Book was the embodiment of his overall political philosophy, and some would say outlook on life. It was first published in 1975 and was mandated reading for all Libyans in school, to teach them about basic human rights and the collective vision of a better way for them all.

2. Education and medical treatment were all free

Under Gaddafi, Libya had one of the best healthcare and education services, not just in the Middle East and Africa, but most of the world. Higher education was also free. And if a Libyan citizen could not access the educational courses they desired, or find the medical treatment needed in Libya, they were given free grant money to go abroad.


3. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project


The Great Man Made River, was the largest irrigation system in the world (before NATO bombed it) and was designed to make clean water easily accessible to all Libyan’s across the country. It was funded by Gaddafi’s government. It is sometimes referred to as ”the eighth wonder of the world”.



4. It was free to start a farming business


Gadaffi understood that farmers are the true heroes of a society because they feed the people. If any Libyan wanted to start a farm they were given a house, farm land and live stock, along with seeds all free of charge!

5. A free grant was given to mothers with newborn babies


When a Libyan woman gave birth to her child, she was given 5000 USD for herself and the child to start their new life.

6. Electricity was free


Electricity was absolutely free in Libya. How many Western nations can boast such a thing?

7.  Cheap petrol


Libya is Africa’s leading oil producer, which is one of the reasons researchers believe they were invaded by the West. During Gaddafi’s administration the price of petrol in Libya was as low as $0.14 per litre!

8. Gaddafi raised the level of education


Before Gaddafi less than 25% of Libyans were literate. This figure was raised up dramatically to 87% with 25% now earning university degrees.


9. Libya had It’s own state bank


Libya had its own State bank, another reason researchers believe it was targeted. This bank provided loans to citizens at zero percent interest as mandated by law and the country had no external debt.

10. The gold dinar


And this is the primary reason, as revealed in Hillary Clinton’s private emails why Gadaffi was ousted and his country destroyed.

Gaddafi was attempting to quietly introduce a single African currency linked to gold, to free their country from the worthless paper petrodollar.

Following the foot steps another great black leader Marcus Garvey who first popularized the term ”United States of Africa”, Gaddafi had plans to introduce and only trade in the African gold Dinar for oil and other goods. This would’ve effectively challenged the Western elites game of monopoly, and for that he had to go.

So, was Muammar Gaddafi a Terrorist?

This is a matter of debate, as are all things. But what we can say for sure is Gadaffi was actually a stern opponent of terrorism. The first arrest warrant ever put out for Bin Laden was issued by Gadaffi in 1998, and Gadaffi actually had a much longer history of fighting radical “Islamic” fighters than America. This can also be seen by the fact that after he was overthrown, Libya turned into a failed Islamic state. One that is now overrun by terrorists.

This short documentary below offers us a very different perspective about what happened. Warning, after you watch this, it could shatter your world view about everything.

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