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The Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out


World War 3 is certainly something none of the average people around the world want to happen. But looking at current events with the U.S., Russia and China, and Putin now doing major evacuation drills of 40 million of his citizens, we’d probably suggest you watch this video.

Here’s the list again;

10. Switzerland
9. Tobalu 
8. New Zealand. 
7. Bhutan. 
6. Chile

5. Iceland
4. Greenland
3. Malta
2. Ireland
1. Fiji

Please bear in mind that this list just offers a perspective. It is up to you to research deeper into the topic.

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  2. I wouldn't consider Malta in the top 3. The island practically imports all the food from all the countries which would probably be involved in the war and their food exports stopped.

  3. Swiss bankers and the elite in New Zealand will survive, that's not good.. History will repeat itself then. I hope the remaining people jail them by then.

  4. What about Southern Africa? Why do these articles totally ignore it? Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar – all pretty much self-sufficient in the case of nuclear war. The fallout from nuclear explosions on the Pacific islands, Europe, the extremely intense populations would be wiped out. Bhutan is right next to China and North Korea. Nuclear weaponry abounds there. And how would Greenland and Iceland manage without power?

  5. Iceland got geothermal power, so its pretty much self-sufficient country. Greenland got hydro-plants.

  6. Given that the USA is doing so much to accelerate world war, those of us in 'safe' countries really really don't want you descending on us and making us targets. We would rather you sort out your own mess without involving us.

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