Wikileaks And Anonymous Blow The Lid Off Hillary Clinton’s Dodgy Past In Shocking Video


Wikileaks has just released a new wave of leaks promising to take down Hillary’s Clinton's campaign, with more to come.

At the same time, the hacktivist group Anonymous created a well researched list of crimes, exposing the past and present actions of Hillary over her dubious career.

This includes the following:

  • fraud investigations
  • conflicts of interest
  • political corruption
  • illegitimate pardons
  • campaign and financial law violations
  • business & political scandals and scams

And there is much more, check out the video below for yourself;

So Why Does This Matter?

With the flood of evidence implicating both Hillary and Trump, why do we still allow criminals to preside over us?

This is actually the perfect time for us to create the society we want. Rather than so many of us freaking out about these changes taking place, we should be happy that the house of cards is finally collapsing. The American government wants to go to war, but the population is just not on board.

This isn’t about Trump vs Clinton. That is just an illusion we are tempted to believe in. This is about waking up to the fact that our system is rigged against all of us, not just some of us, and that it’s time take back our power.

So, what is the answer? That is what we must communicate and discuss with one another, rather feeding into these ridiculous elections.

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