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Poland Set To Follow Brexit As Domino Effect Takes Hold After Trump

Poland may break free from the EU following Brexit.

In what some economists predicted before hand, Poland may be set to break free from the EU following the controversial Brexit, which was the decision of the UK to leave the EU. 

Brussels was then dealt another blow from Poland over sovereignty regarding its highest court which forecasters believe will end in defeat. The success of Brexit and Donald trump has set a strange domino effect around the world relative to national sovereignty and also strengthened support for Poland’s right-wing government.

The Express reports:

Warsaw has ignored the commission’s increasingly threatening demands to roll back reforms which have stripped powers from the Constitutional Tribunal, a court designed to check parliamentary power.

The defiant stance has come despite the commission’s threats of sanctions and its unprecedented decision to accuse Warsaw of endangering democracy.

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A senior Polish diplomat: “As far as we are concerned, there is no procedure. We want to fix this problem by ourselves.

“There is almost no-one in Warsaw who will listen to what the commission wants to say.
“We should not be triumphalist but I do not expect any developments.”

EU members are unwilling to get involved because they do not want to fall out with Warsaw and even commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has hinted sanctions will be pointless “because some member states are already saying they will refuse to invoke it”.

Crunch time comes on December 19 when the current court chairman’s term expires and Mr Kaczynski will install his own nominee to increase the number of government-friendly judges on the bench.

A senior EU diplomat told FT.com: “It is pretty inevitable that by 19 December they will have control of the constitutional tribunal. I don’t think there’s anything we can do.”

The Law and Justice Party has spent the last 12 months passing laws to give it control over public media channels and the public prosecutor while purging opponents from state-run companies.

These moves have been condemned by EU officials who fear the Law and Justice is copying the “illiberal democracy” of Hungary’s hardman leader Viktor Orban.

EU Leaders meet to discuss migration, trade and Russia, including its role in Syria, it will be also the first summit attended by new British Prime Minister Theresa May.

And while ministers are suspicious of US President-elect Donald Trump’s desire to strengthen ties with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, they think he is unlikely show any interest in the court issue.

The senior Polish diplomat said: “I’m confident President Trump will not want to be involved in this whole discussion. We understand that Trump shares our concept of sovereignty. He doesn’t care about others’ internal issues.”